Building a Community

Meadows Multi Family Residences in Granby Ranch Virtus Design Build
With a wealth of experience and expertise, our team takes pride in delivering exceptional multi-family projects in Grand County with creativity and innovation at the forefront of our approach. Our primary goal is to craft an exclusive experience that cannot be duplicated and our team is dedicated to building an unparalleled community.

Our Formula

To achieve a well-designed building that meets the needs of its residents, we focus on three critical factors: aesthetics, functionality, and eco-friendliness. We work with a team of architects, engineers, and designers to create a building that is both beautiful and functional for residents.
We are committed to providing our residents with a comfortable and convenient living experience. Featuring spacious front and back decks, perfect for relaxing with friends and family, convenient bike storage facilities, and open living spaces ideal for unwinding. Bid farewell to the burden of maintenance and embrace a carefree lifestyle!
Nurturing a sense of community among residents in a multi-family housing project can be likened to adding sunshine to a rainy day. We create engaging opportunities for residents to connect and socialize.
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